I’ve got OCP

It is hard for me to keep writing on this blog; fortunately this morning i’ve found a comment on the post “RAC Virtual IP” and so after i’ve anwered to that comment i’ve decided to post a little update. On 20 November 2008 i’ve take and passed Oracle 10g R2 Database OCP exam so i’m OCP!


OCP: Oracle Certified Professional

On 6 December 2007 i’ve got OCA certification. Now i dream to get OCP certification so i’ve started with “OCP Oracle 10g Administration II” book by Sybex. I like the challenges

Oracle Certification

I’m studying to get Oracle Certification, OCA Oracle Certified Associate, the first level of Oracle 10g database certification, so i’ve create on this blog a new page (certification) where i put my personal notes mostly on the arguments where i’m least prepared. This means that probably it that page there are not a lot of interesting informations, on the other hand to get certification the necessary informations are all contained in Oracle public documentation, the manuals.

Write that page helps me to remind the things.