This page is dedicated to my notes about my preparation for Oracle database 10g Administration I exam to get Oracle 10g Certified Associate, the first step of Oracle database 10g certification. This section will be structured more like a guide that like a blog, i will write it step by step and so consider this section as WORK IN PROGRESS. At the moment next section, named OCA is password protected and so no public.

It must be clear that what i write here are only my personal notes, so they can (and surely they do) contain errors or inaccuracies. I will appreciate corrective comments but nothing more that. I don’t work for Oracle and so what is written here is only my notes. I’ve decided to write here to be more motivated to be more accurated and because writing things makes me remind better those things.


On December 6 2007 i’ve passed OCA Exam, the section is not password protected but still remains incomplete and i don’t think to update it.

Now i’m studying for OCP, but i’ve also opened a new personal web site: cristiancudizio.freehostia.com and i think to put there some material about Oracle Database.


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