I’ve created this blog about four months ago. My initial intent was to challenge with english language, to open my possibilities to exchange experiences (from which the blog title) with other persons from all over the world.

I’m fighting with my mental lazyness to learn better the english language because today, after years of studies of computer science and Oracle Database documentation, i still don’t feel comfortable reading english documentation. Recently i’ve made more efforts to get better and this blog and my interventions on comp.databases.oracle.server newsgroup prove this.

At same time i need to organize myself and my knowledge, because the thing to know are a lot and my memory is what it is: limited. I this the reason that before to create this blog i’ve created another blog, in italian language (cristiancudizio.wordpress.com) . It is written in my mother-tongue so there i’ve written more information that here. I was inspired also by Jonathan Lewis and his Oracle Scratchpad, a place where write notes “on the fly”. Yes, Jonathan has more to say than me and in fact i want to learn from him the more i can.

To view my posts on this blog you have to go on this page named “All Postings”

I’ve been triggered to write this page from a recent thread on cdos where i have been told by Niall Litchfield that my sign off on newsgroup posts, “bye” (yes Niall, you guessed it is the equivalent of “ciao”), is not usually used in english. Because i’ve not a lot of occasions to speak with other persons in english. I will thank Niall for his suggestion.

P.S. 17/01/2008 (or 01/17/2007 for americans)

I’ve started another challenge: a web site. I’ve started to design my personal internet web site cristiancudizio.freehostia.com thanks to freehostia.com. For now the site is entirely in italian.