About Me

I’m an Oracle DBA (part-time). After a short period of test with a more personal blog (cristiancudizio.wordpress.com) written completely in italian (my English is not so good) i’ve decided to add a more technical Blog to my daily jobs.

I’m writing from Italy, (Udine) so i will make a lot of grammar errors in my writtens, i wish to be corrected by anyone that read that errors via comments on this blog or via electronic mail at my address cristian (dot) cudizio (at) yahoo(nospam) (dot) it (remove “nospam” and use dots and at where required). I will appreciate any suggestion and correction.

As i’ve started saying i am an Oracle DBA not full time, because i’m working for a Indipendent Software Vendor whose product uses Oracle Database (mainly Standard Edition). Oracle Database Licenses and Oracle Database Assistance is not my company core business, but appens that our customers are small and without technical personnel with IT competency and so we give assistance. When i do not make my preferred job, that is Oracle DBA, i keep track of our application deployment.

This blog want to be very technical and dedicated to persons interested in the Job of Oracle DBA. Not only, as Thomas Kyte says a deeply understanding of how Oracle Database works is necessary to persons who develop software applications based on Oracle database.

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