Creating an Oracle Database

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You use DBCA that gives you five options:

  1. create a database
  2. configure database options
  3. delete a database
  4. manage templates
  5. configure Automatic Storage Management (new in 10gR2)

Data dictionary is a set of tables owned by user SYS describing database structure. Data dictionary is metadata: data about data. It is created during “CREATE DATABASE” , then, “catalog.sql” create the “data dictionary views”, this is also part of database creation.

Use DBCA to Create a database

Use DBCA to Delete a database

Use DBCA to manage Templates

See “2 Day DBA”

there are two types of templates:

  1. SEED, whose files have extension .dbc this template contains also data files and online redolog in a compressed file with extenstion .dfj . You can add log file groups but not datafiles
  2. NON-SEED whose files have extension .dbt

Templates can be made by

  1. existing templates
  2. existing database (structure only)
  3. existing database (structure and data)

Templates are stored in the following directory:



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