Backup and Recovery Concepts

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Describe the types of failure that may occur in an Oracle Database

  • Statement: a lack o f privileges, a lack of space can cause a statement failure
  • User process: an abnormal termination of user session -> PMON clean-up
  • Network
  • User error: a user that drops a table or delete same records
  • Instance: when the instance shuts down without synchronizing all the database files to the same system change number (SCN), requiring a recovery operation the next time the instance is started. Oracle automatically performs instance recovery using online redo logs and undo data.
  • Media: is any type of failure that results in the loss of one or more database files.

Identify the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archived redo log files

Tuning instance recovery

Configure a database for recoverability

Configure ARCHIVELOG mode


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