Windows or *NIX?

I’ve found very interesting the discussion on started from a migration question and continued on a comparison between Windows and Linux or Unix, at least as Oracle platforms. The battle ended with yet another no-winner contest. What the posters say is for me very interesting. The OS religious wars are really a no-sense, but a lot of things in this world are no-sense, also me writing here.

So, i’m back to what Tom has already said: there is no a better os, you must choose that with wich YOU are more comfortable, there are no other scientific and absolute motivations to prefer one over another. I feel better with Linux, but i’ve learned a lot of things about Windows that make me better.

Personally i’ve to say that Windows has good performance, but Oracle threaded architecture on Windows it seems not so good as multi-process architecture on Unix.

Pro-Unix i want remember always a more consolidated architecture. (Unix is here from 1970 🙂 )


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