To RAC or not to RAC

Today i’ve re-read mogens nogard (his name is unwritable for me, but also for him)  post on high avalability of last month. It is very interesting what mogens says.  I’ve recently read the book “Oracle Insights” from witch i desume that mogens is a step above others.

I completely agree with the quote “Complexity is the enemy of availability” , i’m conservative. So i think that technologies pushed to simplify management may became a boomerang.  On the other hand i think that RAC, with 10g standard edition has reason to be. It give us a little scalability at a competitive cost.

What mogens says in a comment is the real point:

For political reasons you might have to implement all sorts of things, and I still haven’t found an effective way of preventing that from happening.”

Marketing and politics really drive our (mine) managers so i have to implement things that for me give no advantages.

however i’ve to say that my little experience with RAC, not about HA, is at last good.  What remains are all the bugs that we can encounter, with RAC as with Standalone instance.


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