RAC Virtual IP: Correction

I’ve studied. Yes i was not completely correct in my previous post on RAC Virtual IP because i’m guilty of not RTFM. It appens, there are thousand of manual pages. So, in Oracle® Real Application Clusters Administrator’s Guide release 10.1 in appendix B i’ve checked SRVCTL command sintax and i’ve found that with “srvctl modify nodeapps” command you can do it. With option “-A <new_vip_address>”  where    The node level VIP address (<name|ip>/netmask[/if1[|if2|…]]). last, optional is the specification of operating system network interface. So maybe that with graphical interface of VIPCA that is automatically started during initial setup of RAC you cannot specify the interface, but you can change it after. So i think that is why the DBA is yet required.

I’ve not tested such modification because i’ve not a RAC test environment. Some time ago i’ve made some tests with vmware virtual machines but those machines are gone away so i’ve to found time to redo that work and made all the tests that i’ve to do


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