Oracle DBA

From oracle-l mailing list i’ve extracted this post:

Not a guru, but I think one of the most important things for a DBA to
know is how to learn – quickly, and just as important for long term
success is to have a natural desire or drive to learn. Databases and
all the interrelated technologies change so fast that you have to be
willing and able to constantly learn, and to be happy with life as a
DBA, you have to enjoy that challenge. By knowing how to learn, I mean
being able to quickly identify what it is you need to know, where to go
to get the necessary knowledge, how to quickly sort through all the BS
to zero in on the key concepts that you need, and then how to apply the
knowledge to your specific situation. There certainly isn’t any fixed
set of topics that a DBA needs to know. The label “DBA” describes many
different roles in real life and in my particular position, knowing C
doesn’t really do me any good because I never look at C code. Rather
than knowing any specific language, it is more important to understand
the concepts of coding and then you can take that skill and pick up the
specifics of any language as needed. Obviously you need to be
comfortable with the SQL syntax and at least familiar with the
procedural code for the RDBMS you are working on. You just have to be
as intimate as you can with all the pieces of whatever environment you
find yourself responsible for. It is a huge plus to have as much
understanding as you can of the operating system and all applications
running against your databases, as well as anything else running on the
same server. Even an understanding of the hardware and network you are
running on can be very helpful. A good understanding of the business
you are supporting is always useful too. I think you really have to be
a jack of all trades and master of at least one in order to be a really
good DBA.

Regarding where to start – there are many paths to enlightenment 🙂 so
just take your pick. Some start as application admins (like me), some
as sys (OS) admins, some as developers – all tend to end up with
different strengths and weaknesses but I don’t think one is inherently
better than the others, just different. Whichever path you pick, just
try to pick up as much of the others as you can along the way

In response to question: “What about non Oracle things we need to know to be a DBA? ”

I like very much the answer, it fits to me and i agree all what the poster has written. I came from a course of studies in information technology that has teached how to do some basic things, then i’ve learned that is most important to now where to start,  we can’t know everything so organization is the basis.


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